Another Day in the Okanagan

Another beautiful day working in the Okanagan, check out this custom home by GTR what a beautiful view!

Project: Shayler Court

Komatsu PC 210

Introducing one of our newest and most advanced piece of equipment the komatsu PC 210 LCI equipped with a satellite guided and controlled TOPCOM GPS system.

Komatsu Intelligent Machine Control Excavator

We are very happy about our latest excavation equipment investment! The Komatsu PC 210LCi -10 offers us outstanding improvement of productivity. Cutting-edge machine control technologies offer auto grade assist, auto stop control and minimum distance control functions. The iMC (Intelligent Machine Control) model helps the operator perform rough to finished excavation without worries about overcutting. Watch it in action here:

Komatsu PC138USLC-10

Komatsu pioneered the tight tail swing design and has perfected it in the Tier 4 interim PC138USLC-10. With this excavator you can work in one lane of traffic without disturbing the other lane. Beyond its’ tight swing capability, the PC138USLC-10 has the same digging and lifting power as most standard competitive excavators. Six working modes and pump/engine matching technology like…

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Komatsu PC88MR-10

The PC88MR-10 is a link between minis and mid-size excavators. The PC88MR-10 has a swing boom, tight tail swing, three track options and backfill blade like a mini but is built to have the reliability and durability of larger excavators. KOMATSU PC88MR-10 BROCHURE